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Title: Horsey Racing Game

Description: Tired of the city buzz and the busy traffic? Well, you are so right! It is time to jump in your car and drive yourself in the nearby village. It's been long since you visited the beautiful countryside and the fascinating natural surrounding. And if you are fond of horses and horse racing this is the right place to be. One of your friends has a farm with stable where he has many horses. But there are three special horses that he will offer you for a ride. It is time to make some changes and put your car in the garage. Probably you are tired of the city jams and now you have the chance to get away from there. If you think you're ready for a new adventure in the fresh air, then you are welcome to join. There is nothing better then a longer stay in the countryside where you can fell that again you are much alive.

Game Walkthrough: If you decide to play this cute horse racing and jumping game you won't be sorry. At the beginning you will have the chance to choose whether you would like to play a tournament or a quick race. If you choose the tournament mode, you will be offered to choose your partner in the race between three different horses. There are the Saddler, the blue one, Rosy, the pink one, and Sparky that is light brown. Whatever the mode you will choose there is one thing that you must have in mind all the time: Don't run too fast, because you won't be able to see the fences. There are two kinds of obstacles, one that are low and others that are higher. They will require a double jump to go over them. There are many different power-ups and stuff that will give you different powers and skills. While you are running on the track you will see many red apples that will give you additional energy and more points. There are also golden apples that will give you even more energy and points. Then there are the special Manole's Wings that will give you an extra fly skill which will allow you to make even five flaps. The red arrow sign represents the Divine Power that will offer you the possibility to make a very long jump. And finally, there is a very special power up in the form of a counter that will indicate the next obstacle on the road. It will be very helpful to know when you approach the obstacle to prepare for the jump. Try to adjust the speed. The low speed will mean that you will have high visibility and low fall risk. Also it will be the way to regenerate your energy. But be careful not to end last in the race, so maybe it is best to run at medium speed. Have a nice race!

Game Instructions: Use the mouse to play this horse game. The left mouse button is crucial in this game combined with good timing. It is very important to know when to click it! So, you need a single click to jump and a double click for higher jump over the obstacles.

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PonyPower (23 February 2014):
Strangely amusing.... Cool
roseismygirl (14 April 2013):
i used to have a pony named sparky... and then i got my horse Rocket.... then i sold him and got spoiler... then sold him and got Sugarbaby i love her so much!!!
Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Cool  Cool  Cool  Clap hands I praise Jesus for her!!! Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy
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