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Title: Jumporama 2

Description: Riding a horse might seem easy to you at first, but certainly it is not so. And even more difficult is to control the horse in difficult terrain and to make him jump over different obstacles. The horses were once the only way for transporting people and goods. That is why people tried to learn how to control them and take advantage of their power. Can you imagine how in ancient times they were using horses to pass great distances? Especially some of the nomadic nations were known as the best riders. They were also very good warriors as horsemen, and were difficult to beat in battles, because they were very skillful. Well, there is no need to go back in time right now, and it will be enough if we go out of the city for a really elegant adventure that has something to do with horses. This is a real chance to be part of a traditional horse riding tournament that is consisted of jumping over different kinds of faces and obstacles. It is very fancy and it requires good training to pass for the qualifications. You will be given a very nice horse, but that is not all. You will have the full equipment as a real jockey. The specially designed terrain in the countryside is not very easy to go through, so you will have to train a lot, to be able to join the tournament. We must say that it is a real privilege that you are invited, so you must give your best. You must admit that the organizers of this tournament were very good and they did not left anything undone. They have equipped you well, and now you should show what you've got!

Game Walkthrough: Pick up speed to clear high jumps and slow down to make it over closely-spaced obstacles. It can be very difficult to adjust the speed, especially at the beginning. If you tumble three times it's game over! If you complete the first level, you will be given as a reward a fancy new saddle pad and bridle! At the bottom of the screen you can see the indications for the Speed, the level, the time, the score, the number of lives left, and even the upcoming obstacles on the road. Try to focus on the upcoming fences and obstacles and remember that not speed, but the timing is what counts here. If you jump off to early you will tumble at the fence. If you jump to late, you will again fail to do what is required. There is not something complicated you should do, but it is very demanding in one sense. To be very focused and prepared for each and every next jump.

Game Instructions: You may ask, How to play this game? Well, it is very easy. Press the spacebar to jump. Use the right and left arrow keys to adjust your speed. In other words, they will help you accelerate and brake when needed. You must be careful and pick up your speed to clear the high jumps. There is one English gentleman that will be watching you and he will try to give you some advice that might be very helpful. Do not worry and start your training!

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magestic beauty (26 October 2012):
My aunt used to have a horse like the one on this game. She sold him because he was too stuborn and was really hard to handle. I miss him. Sad
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