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Title: Silky Folie

Description: Yes, we know that you love horses and horse games since you are on this web page, so we wonít disappoint you at all, giving you another great horse racing game. Have you ever ridden a horse? If youíve not, this is a great chance to feel the atmosphere of being on a horseback, so stay here and check out what is this game about.

Game Walkthrough: Start the game by selecting your preferred horse. There are four of them available but they stay in shadow till you donít pass with the mouse cursor over them. Then they get lighten and you also see their name and color. It is the same with the riders. By passing on them with the mouse you get to know their name but also their experience, how many races did they take before. And then is time for the race to start. As you see itís not just your rider and the horse, this horse is actually racing with a carriage where the rider is placed. Ride fast and get first to the finish line.

Game Instructions: To select your horse, click it with the left mouse button. The same goes for selecting your rider, lighten it with the mouse and select it by clicking on it. The controls for playing this game are quite easy but you definitely have to train some keys pressing. The horse moves by pressing the Left and the Right arrow keys alternatively but that should be done really, really fast. Try to do that with the fingers of one hand or maybe with the index fingers of the both hands. It doesnít matter which fingers will you use, as long as you are able to gain the needed speed to make the horse move and of course, to get him to the finish line faster as you can.

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