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Title: Clammy Beach Horse

Description: We know that horses are usually ridden in some places that are especially arranged for that purpose and those places are called hippodrome but it is quite sure that riding will be much better and more exciting if itís done in some natural environment like in the woods or on a mountain, even a beach. And yes, a beach is the place where the following game takes place, a pirate beach, and Clemmy is our horse friend in this game. However this horse has no rider, he s riding alone and you will be the one that will guide him in this beautiful environment.

Game Walkthrough: This beautiful horse is alone on the beach riding freely. It is nice for us to ride the horse but it is quite sure that for him is much better to be alone in that, so he can run much faster and probably enjoy that more. But you know how it is on the beaches during the summer, so many people are there, taking a sun bath, swimming or doing some sport and they many times are not so conscious so they leave some garbage behind. In this case they have left some empty barrels and even some small carts and some chairs. Your task will be to pass this route together with Clemmy but avoid all the obstacles that will come on your way, jumping. So the horse is running by his own, you donít have to worry about that, but the obstacles can make you some problems. When you get to the end of the game you will meet one pirateís parrot and thatís how you know that youíve reach the goal of the game. It will be much better if you do that without making any mistake during your way because in that case you will earn a lot of money. Finishing without mistakes means that you have to make neat jumps, without hitting some of the obstacles. If you hit some of those obstacles you get less points but also you will lose a life and you have 5 lives. If you lose those lives you will lose the game so you better be careful. The key for passing a longer distance is to make the jump in the right moment, not to early and not too late, and you shouldnít worry if you donít manage that at the beginning of the game, with a little practice you will get all the things and you wonít have any problems. Jumping in right time is a question of routine and to get that routine it asks for some time

Game Instructions: And the last part before you start playing this game Ė the instructions. As we said, he horse is riding by his own, and you should take care only for the jumps. Once you see an obstacle, hit the space bar or press the left mouse button and thatís all. The point is to jump in the right moment so you wonít hit the obstacle, and you wonít lose life.

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