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Title: Horse Racing Fantasy

Description: If you are not an actual horse rider, the things that will happen in the following game would be just fantasies in real life because it’s about a great simulation of a real horse racing situation. That is one of the good sides of those horse game, that they bring you closer to that feeling, and to the adrenaline boost that follows this happening. The horse is running with a great speed and you are on his back, feeling his every muscle and his every move… that must be an amazing feeling, and unique feeling too!

Game Walkthrough: This riding adventure may begin! Here is what this game is about. At the beginning of the game you’ll have to pick out your favorite horse, choosing from eight available horses and click the ‘race’ button to start. When you are choosing the horse, you can check out his energy and his pace, so you better choose some of them that has enough from the both, or aim for the characteristic that you thing is needed most. You will ride the horse as is designated in the graphic that is given on the left side of the scene. The point of the game is to win all races, and with finishing a race you move to the next level. Try to run as fast as possible but also watch for the other horses, track their progress and learn how to advance more. If you manage to win three races, you get a place in the Hall of Fame. Winning one race you also qualify for the consolation prize – 5 dollars in free credits that can be used in the full version – 3D game. It depends from your score weather you earn 10 dollars credits to take a part of the full version of the game that includes competing with thousands of other players, playing as jockeys, trainers and breeders and win real prizes. Ride but also check out the status bar that shows you the progress of the race, how is your position, the number of remaining whips, your energy and the pace level. It is good to balance in your ride. it may happen to use all your energy at the beginning and step out first in the race but after that not to have enough energy to finish the race as you should so be careful about that. And watch out about the whips, since there are only three chances to use them, do that at the right moment that will allow you to advance the game most.

Game Instructions: So, once you selected the ‘race’ key it’s time for the race to start. You’ll be moving by using the arrow keys. Left arrow key is to decrease pace, right arrow key to increase pace, Up arrow key is for the top, while Down arrow key for the bottom. You have 3 whips for a burst of speed and that can be activated by hitting the space bar. If you don’t succeed to get to the finish line first from the first try, you can start the game all over once again by clicking the refresh button.

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