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Title: Bibi and Sabrina

Description: Every day we hear of amazing and unusual friendships. And by this we do not mean friendships between people, but friendships between different species; friendships between people and animals, as well as friendships between different types of animals. And some of these friendships are very extreme; you can even see an example of a little baby deer being friends with a lion, a relationship in which usually the deer ends up eaten, that is, in the mouth of the lion. And when it comes to these kinds of unusual friends, there is even a show on Animal Planet. In this next game, however, we are not going to encounter a very strange friendship. We all know that people and horses have been in touch ever since many years ago, yet then, they used them for labor and transport mainly. Today, with all the technology on our side, we can leave horses at peace and only be friends with them.

Game walkthrough: Bibi and Sabrina are two very best friends. Even though they are different species, Bibi is human, while Sabrina is a horse, they really understand each other and they are together all the time. Sometimes, you do not need words and long conversations to be good friends with someone, all you need is the love you feel for each other. And Bibi and Sabrina share a special bond. However, they will need your help for this next game. They have decided to take part in a competition, but are quite new to this and are very inexperienced. On the other side, you have probably played a lot of games similar to this one and can truly help them win this race. All you need to do is be quick and avoid all the obstacles that you encounter along the way and you will be fine. To avoid them, you can either move left and right, or simply jump over them. Do you think you can do this? Because if not, Bibi and Sabrina can find someone else, you just say so.

Game instructions: This game is quite the easy one when instructions are in question. First and foremost, you will need the arrow keys on your computer. They will serve you to move the horse, Sabrina, left and right in order to avoid the obstacles on the road, as well as to accelerate and decelerate if necessary, by using the up and down arrow keys. Another key that you will also need to use often and which is very important to you is the space bar which you need to press in order to jump. And you will need to jump over obstacles when there is no other way out, that is, when there is not time for going left or right. On the top of your screen you will see the time ticking. The time is of great importance, because the faster you get to the finish line, the better for you and your score. For now, this is all you need to know. From now on, concentrate solely on the race and be very quick for Bibi and Sabrina, they will appreciate it!

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