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Title: Distance Horse Racing

Description: Horse racing is one of the most popular, as well as one of the oldest equestrian sports! Did you ever have a chance to watch a horse racing or maybe you have been competing on a horse race!?! Oh, if you have, you probably know that this is not as simple as it looks like! So, for those who never tried this sport, here is a great chance to see how it looks like to navigate a horse on a horse racing!

Game Walkthrough: Welcome to the distance horse racing. In this game you first and foremost have to choose a horse from the field of six. You will be able to see various horses and their name, the jockey, the trainer of the horse, the odds, and the form. You will be also able to see a picture of that horse. So below this picture and the characteristics, you will 'select your horse' and two arrows, one for listing the next and one for listing the previous horse. So, by clicking these arrows you will be able to see all the horses that are available, and when you have finally chosen the one you like, you should just click on the 'race' button at the bottom right corner. You need to study the form of the horse, because this is the most important thing. The longer the odds, the harder it will be to win, but the more bonus points you will score. You will see three bars, which show the distance left, your energy level and the how many whips you still have to use. You must watch your energy level! If you run out of energy, your horse won`t be able to run anymore, or it will run really slow. So, to preserve the energy level you should try not to go out from the track, or to jump improperly. You should also try to begin with some average speed and speed up lately, when you are nearing the finish line. Well, talking about the jumping, you have to react on time, and this is of key importance, don`t be too late, nor too early, because this way you will fail to jump over the barrier and after that barrier you will be slowed down. So, if you have got long odds you will have to preserve it and attack the field near the end line. Maybe you will find this horse race a little bit difficult to accomplish, because the path is not flat and it is curved, so you will have to follow those curves and at the same time to be careful about the obstacles! Yeah, you will have to think about more things at the same time, but anyway, it is all a matter of routine and a little bit training, so if you are careful enough and persistent you will definitely master the controls and maybe after a few attempts, you will even be able to win the race!

Game Instructions: In this game you need to use the arrow keys from your keyboard to navigate the horse, so you should use the up arrow key to increase pace, the down arrow key to decrease pace, the left and the right to go to the left and to the right. The Ctrl key is used to whip, and the space bar is used to jump. So, come on, use the cursor keys to navigate your horse around the track and don`t get boxed in. When there is a need use the spacebar to jump, and be extremely careful about the timing, since this is of key importance. You have three uses of the whip, so use them properly. Well, choose the best horse and win the race!!! Good luck!

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