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Title: Happy Horse Hair Studio

Description: Those ponies are definitely the cutest horses that ever existed! That’s why they are girl’s favorite animals, they look gorgeous but they also have a long hair, one of the things that girls also adore most. And probably every girl have thought of having a pony by her own and dressing it up, making it nice hairstyles with that long beautiful hair, maybe put some make up on it… An in real life that is quite impossible but once again, that’s why those horse games are for – to make come true some things that may never happen in our real lives. There is this sweet pony looking at you, charming you with those beautiful eyes and she waits for you to make her look even more beautiful applying some of those available accessories.

Game Walkthrough: This is a nice dress up game that includes a pony and that makes it even more captivating. This cute pony has pink color at the beginning and she is waiting for you to take care of her. There are few components that you should take care of like color, hair, makeup, accessories, shoes… we recommend you to start with the basic color of the pony and try to fit all the other colors to that. You have white color available, pale pink, pale orange, two shades of blue, so choose your favorite one. Then it’s time for the hair. You can change the hairstyle but also you can choose some other color for that too. You can also change the color of her eyes, so find a nice color for that too. Every girl likes makeup, so probably that goes for the pony girls too. You have 10 wonderful colors available, some of them are clear colors but some are combination of few colors and that would look amazing on her, but it depends from you, if you like to choose something more modest, or something more attractive…both selections are great, but it depends from your taste. Except the eye shadow you can also add some mascara and for that you have different colors also. The shoes play big part in the life of the girls so this girl would also like some great quality shoes – select between those different models, finding the right color for her. And at the end finish the look by adding some nice accessories on her like flowers in her hair, diamantes, hearts, red ribbon, or maybe star, everything would look great! Those options are given in boxes that are positioned on all sides around the pony and when you are done with your work you can see the pony without them, with a nice background, after you’ve press the button where it is written ‘show’.

Game Instructions: So what you should know to play this game? As we said there are boxes all around this pony in which there are different options given – accessories, hair, skin tone from the left side and eye shadow, eye color, mascara and shoes on the right side. All items can be chosen by clicking on them using the left mouse button but for the hair and the shoes there is something more to be done. In the fields hair and shoes there are those hairs and you should click on the arrows to see all options and then click on the wanted one so it will appear on the horse.

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