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Title: Jump off Game

Description: There are so many things that I havenít tried in my life and I believe that this is the case with you also. Like I havenít jumped with a parachute or I havenít gone horseback riding. But thanks to the virtual online world I can do certain things for the first time and from my home. For example I can ride a horse. I hope it will be fun and I wonít hurt myself. Do you want to try it too?

Game Walkthrough:The character you are playing is Jorja and she is a jokey. Her horse is called Jigsaw and after years and years of practice itís time for them to show to the world what they are made off. They are at the track and need to jump over fences. The audience is waiting for them and they need to shine in front of them. Help them! So, you will see Jorja, Jigsaw and the track from above and you control them through the task. Every time they jump over a fence successfully, you will get points. But if they donít do that and they knock over the fence than we will reduce your score. Also we have to mention that if you get enough points, you will move to the next level where everything will be faster and more challenging for you. There are nine levels that you need to pass through to finish ĎJorja & Jigsaw Jump Off Gameí. We have to mention that in this game itís all about timing and doing the right thing at the right moment. If you react even a second later, it will be all over for you.

Game Instructions:There is not too much to say about this game from the technical aspect. Itís very easy to play it. To move the horse to the left or to the right press the left and right keys and to make it jump just hit the space bar. Thatís it. Experience horseback riding and see if you really like it!

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Rating: 5.00 [Rate]
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sassysilver18 (11 August 2012):
this game ****s and if you disagree that too bad for you!
magestic beauty (11 June 2012):
I kind of like it but I 've played better games. Clap hands  Hmm...
MagicCrazy445 (3 June 2012):
This game is boring... But that's my opinion.
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