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Title: Pegasus Dress Up

Description: If you are familiar with ancient Greek and Roman mythology then you are also familiar with the many different mythological creatures. One of the best known among them is the winged horse, called Pegasus. It is usually depicted as a beautiful white horse with big white wings. There is a rich symbolism behind this fantastical creature. Sometimes it is connected with wisdom. There is a legend that tells that on the spot the winged horse struck his hoof in the earth, an inspiring spring burst forth. There are many mysteries about the birth of this elegant creature. According to one of the many stories Pegasus was born out of the blood of the Medusa that was beheaded by the famous mythological hero Perseus. If you are hearing these fragments from the Greek Myths for the first time, it will be a sign that you must immediately check for yourself the great tradition of all those fantastic stories. You will see that many Medieval, Modern and Contemporary stories are based on them. Well, what is true and what is fiction we can only guess. It is important that we have in our inheritance the image that was created and it is really a matter of choice whether we will believe in it or not. What we have here is a specially designed dress up game that will give you a full freedom to imagine another look of the beautiful Pegasus, or maybe all family of winged horses. You will have many options to choose from, and make it your way. Start playing this game and give the magical beast an awe-inspiring look that'll really take flight!

Game Walkthrough: On the left side of the screen you have the picture of the winged horse, the beauty called Pegasus. On the right side of the screen you have eight icons that are set in two columns with four different options. For example, you can change the color and the look of the mane, and also the color of the wings. You can even put some beautifully designed armor on his chest. Then you can change the color of the tail and choose between black, white, brown, violet and many other colors. This is indeed a very colorful game, and the play with color would not be complete if you stop at that. You can choose another color for the body of the horse, to add some other details and elements as decorations on its legs and even a decorative mask. And at the end of the journey you can choose different background that you think will fit the look of Pegasus. At the very end you can save or even print your creation. This is really interesting and you must try it! Make as many different creations and try to enjoy! This is an opportunity to add some new colors to the old myths!

Game Instructions: Use the mouse to dress up this wonderful mythological creature. Click the icons to see all the dress-up options or click the question mark to generate a random look and then add and change some of the elements that are part of the general outfit.

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