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Title: Catch Them Cowboy Game

Description: In the movies we may see the cowboys as some brave men that ride horses in the Wild West, taking care of all the bad guys. They are really precise in their shooting; they prove that on those duels that take place somewhere on the streets, and take care of the ones that are weaker than them. Sometimes they become sheriffs and that seems as some highest point of their life and taken actions… But it is like that only in the movies. Yes there were some cowboys like that many years ago but all the time, the word cowboy in his real significance, refers to a person that works on a ranch handling cattle and horses. Many times this job is done by younger boys since it is a relatively simple task when the livestock do not need to be moved. In the modern use of this word, being a cowboy implies selling the cattle in some other places, so they could reach a higher price. So, the following game is exactly about this type of a cowboy that takes care of his livestock.

Game Walkthrough: So the following game will ask from you some real cowboy job. No, don’t recall the movies again; you’ll not be chasing Buffalo Bill or someone similar to him, we are talking about a real cowboy job like taking care of the life stock in one farm. You’ll be dealing with cows in this game and there are some steps that should be taken, in order to accomplish the task in the game. Your task is to guide 10 cows from their herd to the end gate, but there are few more steps that should be done before that. And first thing you should do is to herd a cow through the first gates. You are between cows at the beginning of the game, so you should start moving and take one of them to this gate. After you’ve done that, wait for the gates to open, and herd the cow around both barrels in a shape of the number 8. Since there is not some particular way to make this cow move, simply go behind it and decrease the circle of its movement, and guide it to make the number and then through the end gate. Thos procedure should be repeated with 10 cows, so we hope that you’ll do that well, since you’ll be practicing this procedure for so many times. And here is one more thing that you should have in mind - cows can be really stubborn sometimes, so you should know that this game requires a certain dose of patience, but we are sure that you’ll have it. And one more thing before you go on, learning the instructions for the game, this task should be finished in 5 minutes so you better start right now!

Game Instructions: And the final part of this text, before you start playing, and that are the instructions. The arrow keys from the keyboard will use you for moving, so do your job well!

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