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Title: Hestekor

Description: You probably know about horses, how they are very graceful animals and how they are very tame animals and humans interact with them very nicely. There has never been any serious problem with these animals, and I am talking about a story in which a horse has attacked a human, or something similar to that. So, we can safely say that the relationship between horses and humans is a very good one and can even be compared to that of a human and a dog. And of all the things horses are capable of doing, I am sure that you have never come across anything like this next thing I am about to tell you.

Game walkthrough: In this next game we have several horses, four to be exact, and they are all talented in one thing. They can all sing very, very well. And not only that, but they have their own band and have competed on quite a few competitions and won some excellent prizes. However, they have lost their conductor, and now they need your help. Are you up for this challenge? All you need to do is conduct them in a way that will produce an amazing tune and then you can once again compete and win prizes.

Game instructions: And, this is quite the easy job to do. All you need is a little bit of musical talent, but do not worry if you have no experience, because you will learn very fast. And the horses are here to help you. All you need to do is use your mouse and click on a horse in order for it to sing. You can click on every horse, and they will sing together, or you can just make two horses sing first, and then two others, whatever combination you wish, you can do. To stop the horse from singing, you need to click on it again with your left mouse button. And that is that, now letís see how well can you conduct and hear some of your compositions. Who knows, you may become famous one day!

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