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Title: Swept to the end

Description: People’s professions depend a lot on the way they live, where they live, and what their surroundings are like. There are a lot of people who have decided to look past this and find a job they like, no matter where they are, even if it means travelling for lots of hours every day. But, most often, it is exactly the place people live that decides the job they will have. For example, if they live in some bigger city, they can get a job in some big firm, famous office, university, etc. The fact is that there are much more things to do in the city than it the villages, and this is the main reason people move. However, for those people who decide to stay in the small villages, their choice is limited and they usually spend many hours working and very little time with their families. And most often, their jobs include a lot of physical labor.

Game walkthrough: In this next game, we are going to deal with a family, from the village, who has faced a very sad destiny. The main character, and the one you are going to be playing with, is the woodcutter. He has lived a happy life with his wife in a small village; however, just like most of the people there, he had to work to support his family. Every day he would go to the forest, which was not very close, but luckily he had his horse, and work there for many hours, leaving his wife alone in the house. And everything was going fine, until one day, while he was in the woods, he noticed a huge dragon flying in the direction where the village, and more importantly, his wife, were. When he saw this, he immediately got onto his horse and went to save his wife, but it was too late and all that he could do is watch her burn. The dragon picked him up and took him to an unknown place where now your job will be to help him escape the dragon and get to a safe place where he can start a new life.

Game instructions: For the most part of this game you will need to use the arrow keys. The left and right arrow keys are for moving forward and backward, while for jumping over obstacles and fire, you will need to use the up arrow key. The down arrow key is to stop the horse. You also have a weapon, your axe that you used to cut wood, and now you will need to use it to protect yourself from the dragon and anyone else who will try to hurt you. To use the axe, you should press the A key, while the S and D key are for attacks with your horse. Be very careful and jump with your horse whenever the dragon releases fire. Your health bar is shown on the bottom of your screen, and you must not allow for it to empty, because that will mean that the dragon has won and killed you and your wife. So be brave and be strong!

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