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Title: Sweet Horse

Description: You would probably agree that horses are one of the most beautiful animals on the Earth! And they are not just beautiful, but also very strong and elegant creatures. And a unicorn is actually a mythological and fantastic creature that you have probably seen in many cartoons or maybe you have read many stories describing this amazing and celestial creature? Have you see the animated film 'The Last Unicorn'? Oh, it is a great film! And the song is also great! However, I hope that you really like this animal and now you will have a chance to dress it up and make it even sweeter than it actually is!

Game Walkthrough: So, yes, this is actually your task in this horse dress up game - to dress up the beautiful horse you will see immediately when you will start the game. So, at the bottom stripe you will see nine squares in different colors. Each of these squares will offer you different things. So, when you will click the first square, you will be able to choose a unique color for the horse`s body! So, all you need to do is to click on that square repeatedly until you find the color you like most. The second square hides the different palettes of colors for the tail as well as the mane. So, you can choose from that palette and put a nice and special color, so that this horse looks really unique! If you click the third square, you will have a chance to see the different eye colors, so you can choose blue, brown, purple or some other color for this horse`s eyes. The forth square hides the different shapes of a horn; the fifth one hides the beautiful garments; the sixth one hides a great variety of wings; the seventh square hides the cool tattoos. By clicking the eight one you will actually have a chance to change the whole setting or the environment. So, you will see that there are many beautiful and majestic places. The choice is big, so you have the opportunity to choose according to your own taste! And finally, the ninth square will give you a chance to choose some of the many gorgeous accessories. Well, as you can see from the above mentioned things you have many things to choose from! So, come on, don`t wait any longer and get busy to make this horse look outstanding, so that it will be the most beautiful creature ever seen! Are you ready to do that? This is a great chance for you to show us your styling skills, as well as your creativity! So, just use your imagination and enjoy while you choose all these things for the horse! Well, my advice is to choose some matching colors which will be more pleasant, so you should maybe try to choose a background that will go well whit the colors you have already chosen for the horse. But anyway this is your styling session, so you can do whatever you like!

Game Instructions: The only thing you need to play this game is your mouse. So, take it in your hand and click on those items with the left mouse button. So, that`s the only thing you need to do here. You should just enjoy and select what you think will best suit this magnificent creature!

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