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Title: Headless Havoc

Description: Blood, murders of innocent people, horror Ö Not everyone can deal with this type of picture. If you can, than this is the perfect game for you, my friend. You will have all of that in here. Also if you just want to release your anger and negative emotions from the real world than start playing 'Headless Havoc'. You will feel reborn after. Donít believe this? Try it!

Game Walkthrough:Your character in this game is a headless horseback rider. That might sound creepy at first but believe us you get used to it. So, your job is to spread evil in this land. You might ask, how? Well, you have to murder and decapitate villagers. Your task is to get as much blood on your hands as you can. Yes, you are like the devils assistant but someone has to do it. Also try not to let the villagers get away. The perfect decapitated rider should kill everyone on his way. Donít let a villager pass by you. The first time you play it, you might need some time to adapt to the task but as you replay it over and over again there is no doubt, you will become a master in it. You will become a source of fear and desperation among the villagers and maybe this sounds bad, but in this game itís actually a good thing. Be the evil rider and start with the killing!

Game Instructions:All you need to do in this game, you can do it with the help of the computer mouse. Move the mouse toward the place you want to take your horse. You have a big sword in your hands and you can use it to chop the villagers head by pressing the left button on the computer mouse. You will get the hang of it the first time you play it. You just need to have fun and enjoy your killing spree to the fullest!

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