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Title: Horseland Dress up

Description: Dressing up takes very important part in the life of the girls. The fashion is dictating new trends all the time and the girls seem to be addicted of following those trends so they always like to look great, making all the perfect combinations. But except for themselves, girls take care about the clothes of their pets, and thatís the last trend that spreads around with a great speed. But what about dressing up horses? They look beautiful anyway but adding some interesting and fitting accessories will make them look even more captivating. The following game is all about dressing up one cute horse, so dear fashion addicts, itís up to you to make all the right choices.

Game Walkthrough: 7 different horses that wait for you to take care for them. You are not going to breed them or something similar, itís about a classic fashion dress up game where you should make them look even more beautiful. All of them are quite trendy since they differ one from another in the color of their skin but they also have some trendy hairstyles with many interesting colors. Some of them have the regular natural colors but in addition can be found some that have more eccentric look like blue hair, maybe white hair with pink shades, or black with blue shadesÖ Itís up to you to choose which one do you like most and after that you should continue by finding a proper outfit. Maybe regular horses donít wear hats but in this game you may choose between 3 interesting hats that will make the horse look chick. They donít wear hats usually but the saddles are inevitable part of Ďhorse fashioní so choose the one that you think is best. Again you may choose a neutral color but also you may add some flashy saddle in bright blue or green color, even pink. All horses need their rider so take care for that too. You may choose a male or a female character; itís totally up to you. Awarded horses have bigger prices so give your horse a trophy or simply add some ribbon or a laurel to make him look more attractive. We are not sure how horses bond with pets but here you are free to add a charming cat or a cute Sheppard dog to complete the picture but you can even add a pig, again itís up to you and your imagination. These are all the elements that this game includes. There are no particular rules or points that should be earned in the game so you may play as long as you like, making your own stories that follow your picture. When you are finished, you may print the picture and give yourself a beautiful present.

Game Instructions: The instructions for playing the game are very simple so itís proper even for younger children. At the beginning of the game there isnít anything on the screen so begin playing by adding the horse. To do that, look on the table on the left side. There are many components there and the horses are on the bottom. First you see only one horse but with clicking on the arrows you will be able to see all options. When you see the horse that you like most, just click on it. Itís the same procedure with the other parts of the game, click on the arrows to see what is available and click on the item to choose it. If you are not satisfied with something, just click Ďremoveí and it will be removed from the horse. So itís enough talking, itís time to start playing and having fun!

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horselover34580 (13 August 2012):
this is fun and cool but never do this in real life
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