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Title: April and Booster

Description: What I like most about these short online games is that there are so many of them and nearly every one of them is different, and you can always find something interesting about each of them. At least that is the case with me. I can never just play a game once and then leave it at that. I must try it couple of times, give it chance to interest me more, and then leave it if there is really nothing interesting about it. Well, believe me that this next one has definitely caught my attention for some time, because it is really a unique game. So letís check it out!

Game walkthrough: I just love the games in which you cannot find out anything about what the game is from the title. And from the title of this one you can surely never know what it will be about. But let me tell you just a tiny bit of what hides behind this interesting title. This game is about April and Booster, and they are a girl and her dog. You are going to play with the both of them and you are going to set off on a journey in which you will both be flying. You task will be to inhale as much animals as you can, so that you can shoot with those animals the bigger ones, that is, the horses running on the field. Isnít this exciting? And each animal you inhale is different and will give you a different shot power, but I will leave you to discover this on your own.

Game instructions: You are only going to need your mouse for this one. Use the mouse to move April and Boosted up and down, and then hold the left mouse button in order to inhale the smaller animals. To shoot, you will need just to click on the left mouse button. Thatís that, now I know you are eager to start this game, so be my guest and have fun!

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