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Title: Color the Horse

Description: Coloring books are great way kids to develop their flexibility and their motor skills. When they are too young, coloring in those coloring books seems like vain making of stains but when they become conscious about what should they do, they really insist on doing it right, without going out of those lines what will make them later better in writing too. Also coloring is a perfect way child to be familiarized with colors and shapes since they will learn to differ them. And before us we have one picture that is waiting for someone to color it. The game is especially good for younger children since the commands are very easy, and while playing they may learn the colors as well.

Game Walkthrough: Here is the picture of a horse that stands still in sole meadow. In the right upper angle there is a palette with many shades and colors. However the whole picture is black and white; there are only empty lines and white surface between them. The task of the player is to make a beautiful picture from that sketch, choosing nice color for every field. This game would be a perfect way for the young kid to learn about all the shades of one color and the idea that one same color can have many shades. If you are parent, donít suggest the kids which color should be applied, let him make his own choice, nothing bad if the picture has too much fantasy.

Game Instructions: This game can be played by everyone that knows how to hold a mouse in his hand. It will be like in real painting, first you click on the wanted color and then on the field that needs to be colored. Donít forget to color the background and the grass and make a wonderful picture that can also be printed.

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pintohorses65 (3 February 2013):
cool music but otherwise i think its borin Wave
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