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Title: Henry XIII

Description: Many, many years ago Henry XIII was king of England. Later he was king of Ireland too, continuing to rule in England but in France as well. He was member of the family of the Tudors and son of the queen Elizabeth Tudor of York and the time of his ruling and few years before and after him is concerned as the most interesting period of the English history. The motto of Henry XIII was ‘Coeur Loyal’, what actually means ‘true heart’ which was illustrated on his clothes in the form of a heart symbol accompanied by the word 'loyal'. This king has 6 wives in his life; two of them were beheaded, while other two were his cousins. In his life he had three children. His first one was Mary Tudor who became Queen Mary I (famous as Bloody Mary as well, because she was responsible for executing 300 people). His second child was Elizabeth who became Queen Elizabeth I (the Virgin Queen) and his third Child was Edward who became King Edward VI. So, enough history! We told you all this facts to get to know you with the character of the game that will follow. You’ve learned so many things, but know it’s time to have pure fun!

Game Walkthrough: This interesting game concentrates on the period when Henry XIII married for the last time. That was his motive for organizing a big tournament I honor of his sixth wife, Kathryn Parr, in which you’ll take part in a joust at Hampton Court Palace. You have your horse, your amour and lance, so go there and show them who the boss is, show that you have what it takes, to be the King’s champion. At the beginning of the game you will have to choose coat of arms and them choose a name for your knight. In the game you will have to fight against 3 rivals, in three levels. The first level is taken as easy but the other levels are more and more hard. The point of this jousting tournament is to use the adequate speed and strength of your attack, together with your preciseness while using the lance and hit the rival knight. With the first rival you have three rounds of fight and to win two of them is enough to continue with the second opponent in the tournament, and then the third. If you don’t succeed in that, you will find yourself so embarrassed, like you’ve been naked in front of that entire crowd. Playing this game will be really fun but if you like to learn something more about the English history in that time, there is an option in the game ‘Visit historical royal places’ and if you select that, you’ll be transferred in this site that includes many topics about this theme, but this is just an option that won’t influence on your game play in any case. If you don’t like to read, simply have fun playing.

Game Instructions: So, after you’ve selected your knight and his name, it’s time for the tournament to start. You start with the easy level, then the medium and hard. So here is what you’ll have to do. At the down right corner there is this lance silhouette that will determine the speed of your hit. It becomes red, them white, then again red, white…. When it is totally red, that means that the speed is to the maximum, so press fast the space bar to select that speed. After that set the height and the center of your hit, and again press the space bar at the right moment. After that will be calculated your score and you will see who the winner is. If your score is not too big, don’t be desperate because the opponent may have even lower score.

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