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Title: Make a Pony

Description: When itís about smaller children, itís quite important to find an adequate way to explain them how things work in life; and one even more simple but crucial thing, what is what and what is the reason for its existence. This approach is best for them to learn about the parts of their body, about their surroundings, combining the items with colors and so on. Another interesting way to learn is to let the children apply their knowledge in some way, and the following game is one of the examples that will help them learn something more about the animals, in the concrete case about horses, including the colors.

Game Walkthrough: Perhaps this game wonít be so interesting for the adults but the kids will definitely enjoy making their own pony. So here are the things arranged. When youíll open the game, you will see this cute pony horse that is positioned in the middle of the picture. We will all agree that it looks nice this way, but that is not the point of the game. The point of the game is to make it look as you think that is best, so actually we may say that you will make your own pony, following the principles of your imagination. There is not a chance to make a mistake in this game since everything itís up to you, and there is no one that will give you points for your work, the game excludes the pressure of the competition so itís all about using your own creativity and having fun. Start the game by choosing the body that will look best according to you. The given pony doesnít have wings but there are options for a body with smaller or bigger wings, so you are supposed to choose the one that you like most. After youíve chosen the body, itís time to set his size. You may make it taller and slimmer or give him more voluminous shape, everything is up to you. Chose a color for that body that you think is most appropriate, and donít step off in front of bright colors, every color is allowed in this case. Since you have finished those basic elements, go on by finding the cutest head for that body. You can also choose between different eye shapes, some of them are bigger, some smaller, and you even have different eye expressions, and colors. It is interesting that you may also choose in which way this pony will look. Choosing the mouth itís again up to you, and continue by finding nice haircut. You will especially enjoy this part since there are so many beautiful hairstyles, varying from classic to very trendy. Add a tail that will fit with this mane, and itís time to add some accessories. Again the choice is big. You may add nice sunglasses, a hat and interesting elements for the hooves. When you finish with all of this, find a nicer color that will fit perfectly in the whole picture.

Game Instructions: The controls for playing this game are not complicated at all. There are seven fields in which are written the body bards and the featuring items that can be combined. By clicking with the mouse on these fields, you open all the options. You click on the arrows to see all the options and after that use the mouse again to choose the color. Find the perfect color mixture by dragging the arrow on the given color likes. For the eyes, there is a possibility to set the position of the iris, to the pony will look on some particular way and for that you will have to click on the iris and move it in the wanted way while you still holding the left mouse button.

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littlebug72727 (18 July 2013):
FUN Happy
littlebug72727 (22 June 2012):
I am going to my nana's house for the summer but I am bringing my laptop so I can stay in touch Wink
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