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Title: My Sweet Horse

Description: Princesses and unicorns, one of the favorite things of the young girls. They fantasize that could be princesses on their own and adore the extraordinary look of the myth unicorn. Thatís why here is one amazing game that units those two things and it will be a real enjoyment for every girl.

Game Walkthrough: So here is the story of this game. There is one beautiful princess, standing in front of her castle together with her wonderful unicorn, waiting for you to dress her up. At the right side of the picture, there is a menu with the components that should be used, to make the new look of the princess. The hair is first on the list and you may choose between many beautiful hairstyles. Between there are some that are more casual but also some that look as they are made just for princesses, so select one according to your taste. You can make her a classic princess, but also you can make a fancier variant. The second option is finding the right dress for her. Again the options are quite big. There are some really modern dresses but also dresses for princesses, so choose whatever you think is best. Then add some accessories to your princess like earrings, bracelet, gloves, find some nice shoes for her and then itís turn of the unicorn. The only options that you can change on him are the color of his horn and the cover of the horse. Choose some that fit best to the colors of the princessís outfit. Also you can change the background of the picture and even make the horse walk. Enjoy!

Game Instructions: So the main and only instrument for playing the game is the mouse. you should simply click on the menu many times, to see all the available options. The same goes for choosing the proper background and for the walk as well.

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sarah20 (17 June 2012):
got a new horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his name is spoiler! Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  and we rock in barrels!! Happy  Happy  Happy  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Happy  Happy
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