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Title: Run Horace Run

Description: Can you kill an animal without blinking an eye? Well, that’s what hunters do. They murder animals for fun and for pleasure. Have you ever thought of how it is to be in the skin of this helpless creature? Running from bullets in order to save your life. Doesn’t sound so interesting any more, wouldn’t you agree? Take a look!

Game Walkthrough:We’ve made the introduction part so depressing but we must admit that ‘Run Horace Run’ is actually a funny game. You are playing the giraffe Horace that has to run from the cruel ranger. He is shooting darts at you and wants to put you to sleep but you shouldn’t let that happen. The running pace is given and all you need to do is dodge and jump to avoid the darts. Put on the headphones and start getting into the groove. The music is so interesting and it will give you the chance to feel like you are in the savanna. So the main challenges in the game are to have the right timing and of course good reflexes. Every time you redo this game, you actually sharpen these skills that might come handy to you in real life also. Also this is a dynamic game with its own pace that you need to follow and adapt yourself to it. So keep Horace awake and alive and enjoy in this game.

Game Instructions:You won’t need a lot of technical knowledge to play this fame. So, Horace is already running and as we’ve said all you need to do is to make him jump and duck. You can do that only with the help of the arrow keys. Press the up key to make him jump and the arrow keys to make him duck. It’s not complicated at all. You just need to get the hang of it and of course press the right key at the right time. So, common press ‘start’! Horace can’t live without your help!

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