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Title: My Brave Horse

Description: You know what? You just got a new pet horse! She is so pretty and she loves when you play with her and clean her. She likes to run and get dirty so when she is done you need to clean her up good! You will have a chance to enjoy the company of your new friend Constance and her beautiful horse. You will assist her and take care about it all day long. Of all her friends she chose you because she believes that you are responsible enough to take care about her horse. That is why she invited at her place and will be glad to show you how to do what is necessary to make the horse happy. By the way you will learn the whole process and after that maybe you will even be able to run your own farm with many horses.

Game Walkthrough: The horse likes to run through the green fields and you should help the horse jump over the hurdle. Then, when the horse gets dirty by running all day, your task will be to clean her up very good. So you should cover the horse with foam. After that you should brush the horse's skin. Find and touch the circles until they disappear. Then wash away the dirty foam using the hose. After you wash the horse well, than you should take a towel and take care to dry the skin. What's next? Well, of course there is something to do. Use the pincers to take out the horseshoes. But, that is not all. Just start playing this game and you will learn all the things you need to take care about a horse.

Game Instructions: To play this game you only need your mouse. Here it replaces many tool and actions. Just click on any key when exclamation mark appears and you will help the horse jump over the hurdle. On the second level you should hold the left mouse button to cover the horse with foam. All the other actions will be performed with the mouse, but you should follow the instructions.

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ponygirl9 (27 November 2012):
This game is still really interesting! I luf it

ponygirl9 (27 November 2012):
Wolvesxponies I totally agree it looks like a HIPPO!!!!!!!! Happy
Reiny (10 August 2012):
lol xD wolvesxponies, it kinda does, doesn't it?
This could be a really fun game, but the graphics are just a bit sloppy.  Sad
wolvesxponies (7 July 2012):
Ok im going to be honest, that horse looks like a hippo. 0_0
candy.lofer (12 June 2012):
thats one fugly horse
rubysonny (7 June 2012):
weird game  Sad
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