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Title: Bala Dancer

Description: Almost every girl’s dream is to become a ballet dancer. There is something wonderful in the appearance of these girls; their sports built body together with the grace of their movements makes them look as they have come on the stage from another world. And it is not if they are beautiful or not in general, it’s the whole package that gives the great impression, together with the interesting clothes that they wear – the tutu and those ballet shoes… And you know how is it with little girls, they like to give their ‘stamp’ to everything. For example, if you have a long hair - they would like to comb it and make you some interesting hairstyle, or they like to put make up to each other or to other people, to beatify the girl on the cover of the magazine…; it seems like their imagination and creativity are working with full speed, and they dare to take the move! Well the following game will allow them to satisfy exactly this need of the little girl, to take care of the look of one ballerina. We can say that the pleasure will be double since it combines two things that are very interesting and beloved by every girl.

Game Walkthrough: at the picture that stands before your eyes there is one beautiful girl, with little bit eccentric look. As you may see, she is a ballerina that waits for her next performance. For every public face is very important to leave a good impression in front of the audience since their whole successes and career depends from the acceptance from the audience – if the audience likes him/her, there is a big chance for him/her to make really successful career. Of course the skills are in first place, but those skills together with the impression give the whole picture. So, this cute ballerina is waiting for you to help her make the real choices and come out in front of the audience, looking as good as she can. There are few elements that should be taken in mind, to complete the whole look. At the top of the picture there are those tiny circles in which you can see small pictures of different parts of clothes, make up and accessories. You may start following the given order and first make the choice of the right dress. There are 6 outfits available, in 10 different colors. In some of them you can change the color of the whole creation while some change only the color of the corset. Next step is choosing the color of the lipstick so find something that fits best with her clothes, or simply something that catches your eye most. It’s the same for the eye shadows – choose something that fits, or something that is best according to you. For shoes you can choose between regular ballet shoes of decide for some cute snickers. After that, choose a nice hairstyle. It is interesting that the hairstyles are not as those that are typical for the ballerinas – fully fringed hair and a cock, but they are more interesting, more vivid and more captivating so choose the one that you like most. The total look will be completed by adding some nice accessories like nice necklace, bracelet or a ring, or add all of them but be careful not to be too much. That’s it about the look of the girl, she is ready now, and the next step is choosing suitable background. You may repeat this game as many times as you wish, making new adorable creations and combinations.

Game Instructions: As we said, your imagination is the main weapon for you, for playing this game, but the other ‘weapon’ will be your mouse. you see those circles and by clicking on one of them with the left mouse button, you open the options of combinations and from that options you choose the one that you like most, again by clicking on it. repeat the same action for every part of the clothes, and once you are finished with that, find a nice background, to complete the whole picture.

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