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Title: Derby Racing

Description: What do you think about one horse racing derby? We wouldnít guide you somewhere to watch some, but we are giving you a chance to take part in one of those, and yes, as a rider! This is one of those benefits of the games, they allow you to be whatever you wish and the pleasure while doing that is huge! So if you like horses and racing with horses, you will definitely enjoy the following horse racing game.

Game Walkthrough: When you start playing this game, choose a name for the rider you are going to ride with. It is needed because later that name will appear on the board, together with the score that your horse has achieved. Ready, get set, go! Those are the words said by the judge that will open this interesting racing game. There are eight horses and eight riders on the horse race tracks. On the judgeís sign, they will all start running, including your horse which is the black one that is ridden by a rider dressed in a red shirt and blue pants. After you finish the route you will see the board of the results Ė the names of the riders, together with the reached time. The time of passing the route is important but what is more important is to get to the finish line first. It doesnít matter if you are only hundredths behind the first horse because in this game there is not a trophy for the second one or for the third one (not to mention the other places). Actually if you donít get to the finish line first, you donít have an option to go on with the next level and that means that if you like to play longer, there is nothing to be done, except to be the best! You will start with the amateur derby competition but the next competition (University Derby Competition) is harder than the previous one but donít underestimate your powers of acting. Now you have a certain experience, so the whole ride will be easier for you. The third level is actually the National Derby Festival and it might be said that it is the harder one but if you manage to have a good start, nothing can stop you in winning. And nothing stops there, there many other challenging levels waiting for you. However, if you donít get first to the finish line, you canít go on but that is not the final end of the game because you can restart the challenge (the level that you canít pass) numerous times, until you are able to move on.

Game Instructions: Usually you press up left arrow key to go backward and right arrow key to go forward, but for this game the controls are little bit different. You will be using those keys again but you should press them alternatively, as fast as you can. If it happens to hit the same key twice, the horse and the jockey will both fall and you will probably lose the game. There are some chances to win, since after the fall the horse can stand up again but the thing is that all the other riders are far ahead, so the chances to win are decreased.

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magestic beauty (29 March 2013):
YA!! VERY FIRST COMMENT FOR THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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