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Title: Pony Racing

Description: Oh, how nice it would be to take a ride with a pony. No, that is not something that is impossible but there are certain steps that should be taken. First you should find a place that is made for that purpose, then you need to get some classes for riding and finally take that wanted ride. everything is great but what if we like to ride a pony right now? Well this is possible too, thatís why is here this great game in which youíll be riding a beautiful pony in this world of fantasy.

Game Walkthrough: There are three horses and three riders to play with. The first pair is Sandy and her cute blue pony, then Rosy with her pink pony and Stella with hew brown pony that has a nice blond hair. Your choice is up to you, since all ponies are fine and the girls as well, so your choice relies on your personal taste. Once you have chosen your riding pair, itís time to decide for the difficulty level. In the easy mode you have riding with a low speed, with high visibility and a low chance for fall, and while you do that, your energy can be regenerated. The hard mode includes high speed, low visibility, high risk for making a fall and it consumes a lot of energy. The medium mode is something between those two modes. While you ride you will have to collect different power ups and other stuffs that will help you in your ride. apples give you more energy and more points, and it is the same with the golden apples too, while if you get Manoleís wings you will become able to fly, with Divine power you get a long jump and with Clairvoyant you get long sight. You should collect those power ups but at the same time you have to be alert about the obstacles that will appear on your way. You should avoid them by jumping over them but the thing is that your jump should be really measured because if you jump too high your jump will be as flying and you will pass a big part of the route without catching any of the upgrades. The game can be played regularly, starting with easier levels and going on with the more complex levels but also you can choose for a quick race, starting from the point that youíll choose and go on till the final point of the game.

Game Instructions: Your horse is riding with a certain speed but during the game you will also control his speed by using the mouse. itís like this. He is riding but if you keep the mouse more left on the picture he will be running with a smaller speed and as you move the mouse to the right side, the speed increases. Youíll be jumping to catch the power ups and to avoid the obstacles that will come on your way, and youíll be doing that by left mouse click. In those moments is important not to ride too fast because that way you may oversee the obstacles and fly over every power up. Thatís why is best to be perhaps little bit slower but concentrated on every part of the race. With acting like that, the first place is guaranteed for you!

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