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Title: Animal Shelter

Description: An animal shelter is a place where animals that do not have a home, animals that have been abandoned, or animals that have been abused by their owners, are placed until someone comes and decides to take them to their home. It is usually a place where volunteers work, and they are people who love animals very much and who want all of them to have a nice and cozy home. There is usually a vet too, so that if any animal is sick, it can be treated immediately. These are, of course, ideal conditions, but unfortunately, in many countries, there are no animal shelters and most stray dogs and cats end up in the pound.

Game walkthrough: If you have or had a pet, then it will be much easier for you to get the hang of this game, because you already know what is expected of you. However, you need not to worry if this is the first time you will ever need to, because if you feel unsecure in yourself, then there is the tutorial this game offers which will show you what exactly you need to do. Every time a new animal gets delivered to the shelter, along with it there will be a note in which you can find out more about the animal, like its age, name, etc. So, you can see what it needs to be happy and you need to do everything that you can to make him, because the poor thing has gone through a lot, and all it needs now is love and care.

Game instructions: You will use your mouse for the most part of this game, since you will need to click on things with your left mouse button in order to get them done. Whatever you want, whether it is to feed the animal or give it a bath, you will need to click on the item appropriate for that; also, when you want to see the status of a certain animal, click on the animal. And now if you are ready to take over this animal shelter and take care of animals, go ahead, you have got a lot of work ahead!

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werewolflover (25 March 2014):
love it
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