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Title: Maxims Day Out

Description: You probably know that dogs really like Frisbees! You know that flying discs that are usually made of plastic, which are usually used for recreational purposes! So, these flying discs are also called Disc Dog or Frisbee Dog. By the way, there are organized disc dog competitions, so dogs and people who throw these discs are actually competing in events like for example: distance catching and choreographed freestyle catching. They feel an incredible joy when they need to catch this piece of flying plate! So, this game is exactly about this! A little puppy called Maxim, trying to catch the flying Frisbees!

Game Walkthrough: It is a beautiful sunny day and you are out in the playground together with your loved puppy called Maxim! In this cute game you are actually not going to throw your puppy flying discs, but you need to help him catch them! By the way, Maxim rides a skateboard and you need to navigate him to the left and to the right as well as to jump into the air, in order to catch the flying discs!!! For this action, you have 2 minutes to make an effort and grasp as many flying Frisbees as you can. This game requires a great speed, because those discs are moving really fast! So, I hope that you get along well with your reflexes! So, as soon as you notice a disc from the distance, try to move the skateboard at the spot where you can catch the disc and jump at the right time, because you can easily miss those discs!!! So, let`s see how many flying discs you and Maxim are going to catch!?! If you succeed to grasp a record number of Frisbees, there is an opportunity to post your score to the high score table.

Game Instructions: To play this interesting game, you need to use the arrow keys from your keyboard! So, you need to use the left and the right arrows to move the puppy on the skateboard to the left or to the right, and you also need to use the up arrow key to jump! Well, that`s all just three control keys! So, use them properly and have fun and get as higher score as possible!!!

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