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Title: Banana Belly

Description: Do you know what is the Monkey`s favorite food? Well, I guess you know that! Bananas! Oh, they are so delicious, so probably they are not only monkeys favorite food, but humans too! But monkeys eat far more bananas than a human being can eat! How many bananas can you eat per day? Well, I know you can eat a lot, but leave some place in your belly for other fruits and veggies and also other nutritious foods!!!

Game Walkthrough: And here it is! The cute monkey seating on the ground with bunches of bananas around him! He is very hungry!!! And your task is to feed this cute monkey with those bananas! This is very unusual game and you will have a lot of fun playing it! As soon as you start it, you should place your fingers at the arrow keys in order to be ready! And now you will see why! Because you have to feed the cure little monkey with bananas by pressing the arrow keys you see on the left upper side of the game screen! So, in this game it is very important to react fast! There is a given time duration, and you can see it on the right side of the game screen, in a circular shape, so as soon the time is up the white circle will turn into pink. So, yeah, be as fast as possible, because you should not leave the monkey hungry! The arrow keys will appear random, so you might get confused at the beginning, but don`t worry! Just concentrate well and follow those arrows as they appear! After playing the game, you will be able to see whether this monkey will be satisfied or not! You will also be able to see the number of bananas that the monkey has eaten! And he will be satisfied when hi his belly will be full!!!

Game Instructions: Well, this game is very interesting and you will have a chance to see that! You have to use the correct keys in order to feed your monkey! So, for this purpose you should use the arrow keys. So, come on! Be quick and feed the monkey to make him satisfied! Have fun playing this awesome game!!!

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