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Title: Arabian Horse Sliding

Description: I am sure you are eager to know what this game is all about, because the title is a bit confusing and you probably wonder what kind of horse sliding are we talking about!? Well, you are about to find out, but first just let me tell you a bit about these types of horses. Just like the name suggests, these horses have originated from the Arabian Peninsula. They have a very distinctive head and very high tail carriage, and these characteristics make them one of the most easily identifiable horses in the world. They are one of the most popular breeds and can be found all over the world. So, if you want to know more about them you can google them, but here we are more interesting in the content of this next game, so letís check It out!

Game walkthrough: And now it is time to reveal the mystery about the sliding horses. You are not actually going to slide with the horse on some slide or whatever; this game is actually a slide puzzle. This means that you will need to slide blocks of the puzzle one next to another in order to get the final result Ė a picture of a beautiful Arabian horse. So, if this is not worth spending your time on, I do not know what is. Besides training your brain, you get to enjoy some amazing pictures, well it is definitely something you should try, I am sure that you will love it and that you are not going to regret spending time on the computer.

Game instructions: And when we talk about instructions, there are only a few things you should know. You are going to need your mouse, and your mouse only, and you will need to use it in order to move the sliding blocks, one next to another, in order to complete the picture. That is all you need to know, so go ahead and start the puzzle, you will need some time to complete it, it is not all that easy as it might sound!

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