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Title: Prompt Chomp

Description: You know well that each animal has its favorite food. And you probably know even better that as any other rabbit, this cute little bunny loves carrots very much, so he chomps on them all day. This game is about the cute little rabbit trying to get some food. But there is a problem that he must solve to get some tasty carrots. There are four holes in the ground and there are some moles that are playing an interesting game. Sometimes they will pop up a carrot, but sometimes they will try to fool the cute little rabbit and they will show their heads instead of the carrots that the rabbit wants so much. The main challenge is to stay focused and to wait for the right moment to grab the carrots. The game requires you to be very quick and focused on the task.

Game Walkthrough: Your task in this game will be to help the rabbit react fast and get the carrots. Help the rabbit catch the carrots before they disappear to eat enough for the day so he will not be hungry anymore. That is why it is very important to help him. You are an animal lover so it will be your pleasure to do whatever it takes to help your cute rabbit friend. We hope we are right about you, and that is the main reason for inviting you to play this fun game!

Game Instructions: You certainly want to know how to play this game. So, it is really easy. Press the correct arrow key so the Bunny can jump and bite the carrot. Beware of the moles. Use your arrow keys to catch the carrots in time before the moles appear. So, you should be very focused on the appearances of the carrots and therefore you must be very careful, but also you must not wait too long. If you wait too long you would not help the rabbit and there will be no food for today.

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