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Title: Cute Pony Daycare

Description: Having your own pet is a wonderful thing! You give all your love to some animal and it gives you back, so pure and innocent. Since you’ve open this game, you may see who would be the main characters in it – those three incredible cute pony horses. They are so adorable that we truly believe that they will conquer your heard in a minute.

Game Walkthrough: At the beginning of the game you have to choose your pony. There are three ponies available - one orange pony with black hair, one white pony with brown hair and one orange pony with yellow hair that looks like a zebra a little. After you’ve chosen your pony, it’s time to give him a name and you may officially start the game. Your pony is located in one farm, that is actually your farm and you need to do everything as good as you could, so your pony would feel good in its new home. That means that you should spend some time with your pony, taking a good care for him. At the top of the scene you see three bars – food, care and exercise. With time those bars become empty and by taking care of the pony they fill up. When you see that the food bar is empty, you need to give the horse grass or water. If care bar is empty, give him some cuddling, brush his hair, clean around him or maybe give him a medicine if it’s sick. To stay in good shape, every pony needs to exercise for a while, so take care your pony to play with his ball, dance a little or jump over obstacles. By keeping those bars full, you actually fill the general status bar – the grass bar on the right side of the scene. Your award for your job will be your pony to be satisfied by his new home, so try to manage this good.

Game Instructions: This game is played with the mouse. To open the bars at the top of the scene, click on the icons using the left mouse click. With that you open all available options from that menu, so now you should click on that option to activate it. work fast and efficient and your pony will be very, very satisfied.

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roseismygirl (7 April 2013):
i doooooooooooooo........ even though i dont loke you sarah 20, but i like her Wave  Wave  Wink
sarah20 (16 July 2012):
im listening to lindsey sterling she is wonderful.. guys answer my question, do guys like her or you don't.. thanks!!! Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Happy  Happy  Happy  Wave  Wave  Wave  Cool  Cool
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