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Title: Black Beaks Treasure Cove

Description: Finding a message in a bottle is something that probabaly everyone has wished sometime in his life. There is some nice mystery around this, wondering what it may contain Ė maybe it will reveal some hidden love or some strange confession or maybe itís about a map that will lead you to some hidden treasure? In the following game finding the message in a bottle means passing the levels, so check out what is this game about.

Game walkthrough: In this game youíll be playing as one of Toucan Sam's nephews. During the game you will have to run, jump, and fly, avoiding all the enemies that will appear on your way. Finding the bottled message is a sign that you have passed the level and that message is a message left by Black Beak and it will tell you have to go. So your main goal is to find the bottle, to clean the area but also there are other bonus items that should be collected. The fruits will give you extra points, 100 colorful circles will give you life, you can also get an extra life by catching the bird, while the wind gives you flight power. Also try to find the treasures in the game. This will be a cute survival game in which you will have to pass the levels but also take care of the different enemies that will come on your way.

Game instructions: For moving left and right, youíll be using the Left and Right arrow keys. To duck youíll be using Down arrow key will Up arrow key will help you fly. For jumping youíll be using the space bar while for beak stop press together space bar and Down arrow key. To destroy the enemies, you will have to jump over them. Know that there will be a lot of jumping in the game since there are many holes on your way. You may think that to pass those holes, itís better to fly but know that your flying power is not eternal, so you better use a jump in those situations and keep the fly for something more challenging.

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