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Title: Scooby-Doo Big Air

Description: Probably there is no one that never heard of Scooby and his friends. It is one of the most famous cartoon characters in history. Scooby is a Great Dane dog, a life long companion to Shaggy Rogers, and unlike most other dogs is able to speak in They are a bunch of friends that are solving some local mysteries wherever they go. Well, this time there is no need of solving any mysteries, but you are invited to join Scooby and participate in a big air contest. It is indeed exciting and fun ride and you will probably enjoy it a lot! There is no need to think about it, so go ahead and try the vert ramp!

Game Walkthrough: Your aim in this fun skateboard game is to try to get Scooby-Doo as high as possible to be the half-pipe king. There is no limit how high he can get and do not be surprised if your friend Scooby breaks the barrier of the atmosphere, performing different stunts. You will see some inscriptions as 'Shaggy was here' or ' Watch out for spaceships'. It is most important to get as much points as you can. You will be given three tries to jump through the ramp, so the final score will depend on each jump. Once you reach a particular height, you must give your best to move up the limit. On the left side of the screen you can see the measurements and the positions of the jumps that are considered as average or good in height reached.

Game Instructions: To play this exciting and extremely fun game you should use the arrow keys. At the very beginning you should start Scooby's motion by using the left and right arrow keys in the appropriate direction, until he can take off the ramp. Once Scooby is airborne, press the up arrow key to increase his upward speed and height. Then press the down arrow to increase his downhill speed until Scooby reaches the ramp. When back on the ramp, press the left/right arrow key depending on the direction Scooby is rolling to. Your sense of coordination will allow Scooby-Doo to reach big air. Start rolling!

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