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Title: Cuddles the Kitten

Description: Dressing up our pets itís a new trend that is spreading around. If before certain period of time only few people could be seen going on a walk with their pet that is wearing some interesting hat, glasses or some pants, today the number is huge so there are even designers that create clothes for pets and there are numerous shops for their clothes. And along with the regular Ďhumaní fashion there are whole pet fashion lines that predict what will be modern to wear the next season and some of those small pieces cost whole fortune, and same goes for the petís jewelry and accessories.

Game walkthrough: In this game you will try yourself as a pet fashion designer. You client is one extremely cute and lovable cat that waits for your service. At the first moment it doesnít wear anything but thatís why youíre here, to take care of it. At the right side of the picture there are eight small circles in which there are different items drawn. Each of those items represent different part of clothes and by choosing one of them, you get a view of all available options. This cat is beautiful as it appears first but now itís time for you to show your stylistic skills and make it him even more beautiful. There are many things that could be change and you may start by modifying its personal appearance. You may change its eyes but also its nose and after you are done with that, go on by choosing the clothes. The sex of the cat depends from your choices. I you dress it in a dress and put some cute ribbon, it will be a girl, but if you dress it in pants, put him some hat and give him a football, he will definitely be a boy. After you are done with the clothes, it is time to change the background and you would have a wonderful picture.

Game Instructions: This game is played with the mouse. With clicking with the left mouse button on some of the available icons you open the menu and you may see all available options. Click on something to choose it, and repeat the process for every piece of cloth. You also select the background by clicking of the window icon.

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