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Title: Centaur girl

Description: We sincerely hope that you are a type of a person that has ridden many stories, myths and legends, because that is a real treasure for every person. One creature that can be very often found in those stories is the centaur. We are talking about kind of a magical creature whose head, torso and arms appear to be human but they are attached to a body of a horse. Centaurs are considered as very smart creatures that use magic but they don’t have wands as the wizards for magic. Those creatures are known by their knowledge and skills in magical healing, foretelling, archery, and astronomy. After you’ve read this, you would know who this game about is.

Game walkthrough: In front of us there is one centaur girl. Maybe we don’t know much about centaur fashion but for this game is quite important to have a wide imagination and that is more than enough for finding the perfect dress up combinations for her. On the right side of the picture there are small icons that represent different parts of clothes and accessories and there could be found all the combinations. The list starts with tiaras but we recommend you to choose the hairstyle first, and then go for a tiara that suits her best. You will have to choose a nice wardrobe for the girl but also you’ll be especially enjoy choosing all the centaur accessories that include various shields for hands and legs, saddles, swords… After you’ve done with your work, select the ‘show’ button and you will be able to see the whole picture and decide whether you like it or not. If you don’t like your first choices, you may reset the look and replay the whole game as many times as you like.

Game Instructions: Your mouse will be you magic wand for playing this game. To open some assortment of items click with the left mouse button on the icon and you have all the options in front of you. You choose some item by clicking on it and with second click on that item, it is removed from the girl. With choosing the ‘reset’ button, your whole work will be reset.

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plinky5 (28 July 2012):
it looks inapropriat
Hmm...  Sad
rubysonny (23 July 2012):
ok game Wink
rubysonny (23 July 2012):
1st 2 comment Happy  Wave
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