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Title: Cat vs Dog at the Beach

Description: Cats and dogs have never been friends, except in some rare situations. No one doesn’t know the right reason why is it like that but we all know that when a dog sees a cat, he starts barking, and it is the same with the cats, they start attacking immediately, trying to scratch their ‘opponent’. Now you’ll be able to take part in one cat – dog situation that takes place on a beach, so let’s see what is it about.

Game walkthrough: So, what is great about this game is that you can play it alone or play it with a friend. After you’ve chosen that, you go on by choosing the difficulty level depending from how skilled you are. You could play as a beginner, as average player or as professional player and in case that you haven’t seen this game before, we suggest you to start with beginner’s level. The cat and the dog are positioned on different sides of the scene and between them there is a big pile of sand and a sand castle. Both of them are attacking each other with shells filled with sand and with every heat, if it is precise enough, some of them loses energy. The energy bars are given at the top of the scene and the one that will get out of energy first, he loses the game. Besides the regular shooting with shells full with sand, you may choose other ‘weapons’ too. Power throw is the thunder, with the scalp you get a stick bomb while the last weapon is double attack, which means that you get two shoots with one attempt and if the first one is bad, same will be the second one too.

Game Instructions: to play this game you’ll be using the mouse only. You will have to click with the left mouse button on your character and wait for the power bar to fill up enough so your shell will have a good swing while hitting. From first time you won’t know how much power is enough but after few tries you will figure that out.

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