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Title: Super Horse

Description: They say that finding a horseshoe brings luck to the one that has found it. We don’t have information if that is really true, but that’s what they say… However, in this game finding some horse shoes will definitely bring you luck, or if it’s not luck, then a lot of points…

Game walkthrough: So this is one easy but interesting game that doesn’t ask from you to think a lot. It is best for those moments when you like to take a break from something but you only have two minutes for that. Two minutes is you available time period in which there are certain things that should be done. Our super hero from this game is Super Horse who is something similar to Superman but in the horse’s world. Super Horse’s task in this game is to catch horse shoes and before the countdown reaches zero, you better catch as many horse shoes as possible because that way you will earn a lot of points. Know that each horse shoe gives you 450 points. Yes, we are talking about a Super Horse but just like Superman, he also has a kryptonite, there are also some items that may harm our horse. It is not a kryptonite but there is dobinite, then the dog Rex Ruffer, the Busy Bee… Super Horse is somewhere on the streets of some city, the horse shoes are falling out of the sky while around him are those creatures that may harm him. Crouching and jumping seem to be the only weapons to avoid those creatures so all the time you will have to move around to avoid them but also to catch the horse shoes at the same time. At the right upper corner there is an energy bar that shows you how much is there left and every time you’ve been touched by the dog, the bee or the dobinite, your energy decreases. Just stay away from those things, catch the horse shoes and you won’t have any troubles.

Game Instructions: So for moving your Super horse you’ll be using the arrow keys. Left arrow key is for going left, Right arrow key for going right, Up arrow key for jumping, while Down arrow key for crouching.

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