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Title: Raceday

Description: Well, this is for all those who are fond of horse races! Welcome to Raceday! This is your chance to travel the world! Starting in New Zeeland and finishing in Japan, you will visit many different locations on the way. So there is nothing that stops you to join this wonderful adventure. Gallop your way to fame and fortune in this fun horseracing experience called Raceday!

Game Walkthrough: The first step you should make before starting a race, is to choose one of the many horses we can offer. You can see that they are very different from one another, not only in their appearance, but also in the sense that they all have different characteristics. Each horse has a different power, speed, power recovery and temperament. After choosing your favorite horses, then you can give it a name. Don't forget to do that, and you must know that it must be a good name. The third step is to check the tutorial box, where you can begin with the training section to learn how to ride your horse. This is a chance to the horse's speed, its power and a good way to reduce its temperament. On the upper left corner there is an icon indicating your horse's mood and temperament. On the right corner of the screen you can see the time and distance statistics. There is radar at the bottom of the screen that will indicate your current position and your relative position on the track. There is an option that will give you the opportunity to visit the shop where you can buy some upgrades that will improve your horse's abilities and powers. So, the main goal in this game is to race the horse as fast as possible without angering or overtiring it. Use the meter to know when it's okay to whip the horse. Try to maintain your horse's speed and power to reach the finish line!

Game Instructions: To ride your horse you should use the arrow keys. To move up and down you should use the up and down arrow keys respectively. You can make your horse accelerate, by whipping it. Press the spacebar to whip, but you should remember that you have to maintain your horse power and anger.

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