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Title: Cat Care

Description: Do you like cats? We hope you do because in this game you will have to deal with them! You know, taking care of pets is not that simple! Many people want to have a cat or a dog or some other pet in their homes, but you should really take a good care of it! It is actually like another member of the family with its own needs and desires!

Game Walkthrough: So, if you have ever wanted to see how it is like to take care of a cat, this is a great chance for you to learn that! Although this is a fun and amusing game, you will really have hands full of job. So be calmed and careful, because if you don`t do as you should, the cat will be upset. So, come on! Give your best and prove that you can take care of the cat well and by the way, this way you will earn maximum score. In this awesome and cool game you will have to deal with more cats. They will arrive in a basket and your task is to click on that basket or on the cat and the figure of the old fat lady will actually move towards the basket. So, after going there you should place the cat on those chairs that have numbers. These cats will have lots of desires, they will be hungry and thirsty and so on, so you need to satisfy all their needs. The kitchen is actually at the right side of the game screen, so you should move the mouse cursor and you will able to see all the necessary things, like for example milk etc. After taking these items, you should again go to the cat, and bring the thing it wants. Oh, you will really have to go back and forth, so keep your patience…we hope you have it! Take care for each cat within seconds or else you will fail.

Game Instructions: The mouse is the only thing you need to satisfy these cats…but of course the computer mouse! You should click with your mouse to take the cat from the basket and all the other stuff they ask. Good luck my friend and be patient!!!

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