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Title: Horse Jigsaw Puzzle

Description: Jigsaw puzzles are activity that is really interesting for people from all ages. At first it was a game for kids, they could solve those that had 10, 20 or even 50 pieces but now things have changed and puzzles are for grownups too. Those puzzles are more complicated and they go for those with 100, 200, even 500 tiny pieces, in order to construct one single picture. And of course, since itís about so many pieces, they need to spend hours and hours, sometimes days or months, to get the final picture but the pleasure while doing that is huge! And one more thing, those games are not just games; it has been proved that jigsaw puzzles are one of the healthiest games for the brain, so why donít you try one of them online?

Game walkthrough: Here is one online version of a jigsaw puzzle that includes a picture of one white gracious horse. Nice about this game is that it is cost efficient and itís a good way to start with puzzles because you wonít spend money to buy a puzzle that you will get tired of when you solve it Ė simple as that. The whole picture could be seen at the bottom of the game while over it are the pieces of the puzzle. You need to find the pieces that match and construct the whole picture. It is nice that this game doesnít have a time limit but if you consider yourself to be a good player, set yourself time limit and try to solve the whole puzzle as fast as possible. This will be one great observational test for you so see if you can take it!

Game Instructions: We wonít lie to you that solving this puzzle would be easy job, you will have to try a little bit harder but it is very simple game in the instructions part since there is not much of a philosophy on how you play it. All you need is a computer mouse. you simply choose a piece that you like to move somewhere, you move your mouse over it, you click on it and hold the left button while you drag the piece to the location where you want to put it. After that, you release the button and thatís it. You repeat this procedure for every piece, until you solve the whole puzzle.

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