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Title: Strawberry Shortcake

Description: Do you know Strawberry, the little cute farm girl? Oh, she is adorable! Everybody likes her! But she is not just cute; she is a really hard-working girl, because as you know, there are many things that have to be done on a farm!

Game Walkthrough: So, now she needs a little help from you! Are you willing to help her? We hope you are will be more than happy to do that! So, this time it seems that she needs to round her chickens that are all around the farm. It is not an easy job to do, so that`s why she is riding her cute pony! The ranch is pretty big, so she just can`t do all that by herself. So, come on, lead her throughout the ranch and when you`ll come across a chicken just go over it and it will be automatically collected. There are not just chickens, but some other things too that you also need to collect. Some of them will bring you extra points, some of them will speed you up, and some of them will bring you some bonus time and so on. Come on, walk around the farm and collect all those things and earn as many points as possible. But you should be careful about the time duration. So, try to collect as many of those items as fast as possible, because the time is ticking away! And there is one more thing you should take care about and that is the farm surface. Yeah, as you are passing by, you will notice some darker areas (like watered grass) so here the movements will be much harder and slower, which will take more of your time. So, you should try to avoid these areas, except of course if there is some chicken you need to collect or a gem or a strawberry.

Game Instructions: And finally, a few words about the control keys. By the way, the only keys you need to use in this game are the arrow keys from your keyboard. Yeah, walk around the ranch and collect as much chicken and other stuff as possible! Have fun and enjoy!!!

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