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Title: This Means War

Description: People that live together in one place are supposed to be friends but it is not like that in every case. Gordon, Blik and Waffle are three guys that simply canít find way out to be friends without fighting so they have declared war to each other and chosen their mansion to be their battlefield.

Game walkthrough: That is the story around this game and now letís see which is your part in it. At the beginning of the game you will have to choose one of those three characters and play with him. After youíve chosen your cat, itís time to decide which tactic you would choose for fighting. In every turn that you get, you have 30 seconds available to decide for something, to attack your opponent or take some measures to protect yourself from the attacks. You will be a winner of the game if you become the last cat that stands when the fur clears. Those tactics should be wisely chosen because they need to keep your life bar full. Every point that youíll manage to remove from your opponents life bar will be added to your life bar. The reel, the candlestick and the strange unicorn figures will give you some extra points but donít let them distract you from your opponent. Also there are available some tools on the trade. You should choose them from the menu and each one of them has a special attribute that can move you around, protect you or blast your opponents. Balloons will give you a move on; columns will attack you from further attacks, the paper plane does damage in every situation, then you have donut bomb, the soaker splash blast water and the kracken can be used only when the life bar is near to zero.

Game Instructions: As we said previously, with the balloons you get a move on, so you need to use the arrow keys to guide your cat and press the space bar to land. You will move the column with your mouse, and use the arrow keys to rotate. To fix it in the pace, press space bar. To use the plane, aim a cat with the mouse cursor and click to launch. Use the arrow key for giving the donut direction, hold the space bar to set strength of the toss and release the space bar to launch. The commands are same for the soaker splash while for kracken you should tap the space bar in the right moment.

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