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Title: White Horse

Description: No matter what the game is about, when you see a title with a horse in it, it must be very interesting. Well, this next game has the name in the title and is all about horses, so I am sure that you are going to love it, no matter what the deal is. But, do not worry, in the next passage I am going to explain what it all is about and what you will need to do.

Game walkthrough: As the title itself suggests, this game involves white horses. However, once you start playing, you will notice that the picture of the white horse has been broken into pieces and you will not be able to see it clearly. And this is where you come in and what your task is. You will need to rearrange the picture so that every piece is on its place and so that you can see the picture of the white horse. The hard work pays off in the end, because the picture of the white horse and the nature is really worth it. It is definitely breathtaking.

Game instructions: And now comes the best part about this game. And that is the fact that you will only need to remember one instruction, and one instruction only. And that is that you will need to use your mouse only. Isnít this great? You will need to click on one piece with your left mouse button, hold the button and then drag it where you think it should be placed. Do this with all the pieces until you have placed them all in their right position and see the beautiful picture. This is all you need to know, now you can start, I am sure that you are more than eager to see the amazing white horse.

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