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Title: Fantastic Horse

Description: Well yes, in real life we are accustomed horses to look as they look and there are not big chances for their transformation but that’s why are here the games, to make our lives more interesting and full with many unusual things. In front of you there is one really sweet horse that is ready for a total makeover!

Game walkthrough: In this game the main skill that you need to have is high level of imagination. We recommend you not to recall on the real look of the horses when you play it but to stay on your intuition and create beautiful horse as you have never seen before. Your horsey is positioned in the middle of the scene and he is actually standing on clouds. He looks quite usual but there is a lot of work that needs to be done, in order to make him look special. Around the horse there are smaller circles and in those circles there are pictures of different parts of his body. The primary think that you could change is the color of the horse. There are some regular colors like black or white for example but you could also go for something different like choosing a combination of more colors. Same goes for the mane of the horse. There are some regular horse ‘hairstyles’ but also you could go for a extravagant look and add some interesting braids, ribbons or locks. The tail can be changed as well, and that counts for the horse shoes as well. By changing the shape and the color of the eyes, you may change the whole expression of the horse. The circle with small saddle does not refer to saddles only, but there are some other options included as well. Go for a saddle or go for a horn or wings for the horse and make him look as a horse from some tale. To finish the whole picture, find a nice background and you are done with your work!

Game instructions: This game will be played with a mouse. All you should do is to click on those circles and you will see different combinations. When you find what you like most, press ‘Done’ and see the whole picture.

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