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Title: Love Horses

Description: Horses are among the most loving animals on the planet. Many people simply adore them. Well, if you are one of those people, you can join this game. It is an interesting challenge in which you can enjoy beautiful pictures with horses. There are six different pictures and you can choose any of them in the order to decide. Complete all the puzzles and you will complete the task. The point is to find the right way to rotate the squares around and wind the right position for each piece. But, the most important thing is to enjoy all that. It is not o easy to complete the puzzles, but that is not a reason to give up. On the other hand there is no time limit, so you should not hurry at all. Take your time!

Game Walkthrough: The task in this game is to complete the six puzzles to see amazing pictures of horses. They are all very beautiful and indeed worth the effort. Before you start you can choose between Easy and Hard mode. The difference is that the Easy mode will give you a puzzle in which the picture is divided in 9 pieces arranged 3 by 3, and playing in the Hard mode means that there will be 16 pieces arranged 4 by 4. If you think you are not ready yet, you should start with the easy mode and only when you complete all the sets, then try the higher goal. One of the squares is empty and it is given to you in order to easily move the pieces in the puzzle. Just try hard enough and you will be delighted to see the complete pictures of the adorable horses. So, there is nothing else you should do. Just enjoy the game.

Game Instructions: To complete the puzzles you should use your mouse. Just click the square you want to move and then click the empty square to move it there. It is as simple as that. Try to be focused on the task and do your best!

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