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Title: Horse Run

Description: Do you like equestrian sports? Did you know that these sports have a really long tradition? Oh, yeah, many ancient people have developed different kinds of equine sports, but probably the first official evidences are from the Greeks who employed the horses in the first Olympic Games. So, you are fan of these sports, that`s great, because this game has something really special to offer! So, let`s get started and see what exactly you should do!

Game Walkthrough: Well, it seems that this is a horse Racing game in which you have to overcome some obstacles on the path as you run as fast as you can! Your horse is running into the sunset and jumping over hurdles at the same time. This game is probably mostly intended for people who imagine about defying gravity! So, are you one of them? Do you think you can actually achieve that? Let`s give it a try! Your goal in this game is to pass up touching the barrier and reach the end. Oh, there is a lot of jumping, so you have to be extremely careful! This is not just an ordinary horse ride, but a very demanding one. And you know what the most important thing for this game actually is? The timing…yeah, you just have to hit the right timing or you are done! Your horse will crush in some of those obstacles if you don`t react on time.. So, even if the obstacles are not that high, you should be very careful, because you might hit one of them exactly. You should actually follow the bar above the horse head, and when it is filled up completely, it means that you can jump. If it is empty, you should wait for it to reload.

Game Instructions: The right and left arrow keys from the keyboard allow you to navigate your horse’s direction within the obstacle course. But the most important key in this game is the up arrow key. You should press it down to accumulate energy and let it go when you come to a jump. So, come on, you will have a chance to go over really tall buildings and if you give your best and play properly you can even win the game. Well, be careful and good luck pal!!!

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