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Title: Purinas Virtual Pet Game

Description: People really frequent choose to own some animal as their companion. Most common pets are cats, dogs or parrots but lately a lot of exotic or even dangerous animals are kept at home like regular pets, so these days is not unusual to see someone on a walk with his snake, or his chinchilla, then gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, fancy ratsÖ And yes, animals could be good friends but they also help you dealing with stress, offer you good exercise which includes a fresh air, and social interaction.

Game Walkthrough: And all of this is great but not all people have conditions for taking care of a pet, they donít have enough time or donít have enough space, and that is why games with virtual pets are so popular. In front of you here is one game of this kind that will be really entertaining. Purinaís Virtual Pet Game is a game where your main task is to take care of beautiful cats. At the beginning of the game you will need to select between Somali, Himalayan or Burmese cat but you will see that all of them are really cute and adorable so you probably will have troubles deciding on one. However, you can replay the game as many times as you like and choose a different cat every time. This game is a simulation game of a real situation so like real cats, those cats look for attention and in case that you donít give them necessary attention they would leave you, and it is like that in this game too. All the requirements of these cats are separated into 3 segments Ė food, exercise, care and your concrete job is to follow their condition on the top of the scene and answer properly so you should satisfy your catís needs.

Game Instructions: We guess that you probably know that taking care of an animal is quite demanding job, and that will be the hard job in this game as well, since the controls are very, very easy. You will need only the mouse for accomplishing all actions, just click on the food, click to play, click to take care of the catÖand thatís it. Important thing is to do those actions on time and you will earn a lot of points.

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