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Title: Race across the Steppe

Description: Have you ever heard about the Mongolians? We hope that you have at least heard about their leader, the great Genghis Kahn? Well, this horse game is actually a quiz game in which you will have to answer questions about the Mongolians! So, let`s get back in history and learn something about the Mongolian way of life and their passion for horses!

Game Walkthrough: In Mongolia horse racing was extremely well-liked national activity that Mongolian nomad children were trained to ride horses at just two years of age. Well, in this great horse game you can actually ride all through the steppe without struggling with the severe winds! Yeah, this virtual horse race will actually give you the chance to assess your superior knowledge of Mongolian horse racing. In this exceptional horse game Togi and his horse are prepared for their big race. You should choose the correct answers to the questions that show up on the game screen, so that Togi and his horse will be able to go further. If you select a wrong answer, Togi and his horse will drop behind the racing contest. If you have as much as necessary correct answers Togi and his horse will be able to go across the finish line and to bring pride to his family as well as the whole Mongolian community of traveling herders. So, one of the questions in this game is this for example: When did the great Mongolian Leader Genghis Kahn set up a 'pony express' mail system that could move letters thousands of miles in just a few days? So, you should know that these questions are not that difficult, because you should in a way use your logical reasoning, and you will probably answer correctly, although you don`t know the answer. The good thing is that even if you click on the wrong answer, you will be able to see what the correct answer is!

Game Instructions: Since this is a quiz kind of game and you just have to click on the answer you think is correct, you need to use the mouse only! You just have to point the mouse cursor at the answer you think is correct and click with the left mouse button to select it! Well, it is now your turn, to show us your knowledge!!! Good luck and spend a nice time!

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