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Title: Horses in Desert

Description: Well yes, to see horses in the desert is such a beautiful thing since they are so wild and so free there but the chances to get to one desert are quite small so here is one picture that represents this theme Ėtwo amazing horses that play in the desert. If you are fond of horses, and we are quite sure that you are since you are on horse games page, you will definitely love this picture and the game as well. We will reveal you at the beginning that it is about a nice horse puzzle game so check out what is it about.

Game Walkthrough: So, at the screen you can see the picture of two horses but up from that picture you can see the same picture but divided into pieces that donít have right order. Actually it is quite difficult to get that itís about the same picture but that is the point of playing this game. Your task in the game will be to solve the puzzle, to find the right places of the pieces and make the picture complete. Sometimes you may think that some of the pieces are compatible and they go together but the only way to check that is to put them together and see if they match. The game does not have time limit so you may take your time and play as long as you need until you make the picture or if you like to make the playing more challenging, get yourself a stopwatch and set a limited time in which you should solve the puzzle. If you donít manage that, repeat the game more times until you get the wanted record.

In this game you will have a great fun but it is not only about fun, it will help you develop your problem-solving skills, your pattern recognition skills but also is a nice and easy way to keep you mentally active, so take the chance and exercise a little.

Game Instructions: Each piece has a small picture on it and your task is to join those pieces right in order to construct the whole picture. All these parts can be moved by your mouse, just click on some of them, drag it and drop it on the right position. If some of them are match, they will join one to each other once they get close.

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